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  1. Hi Laura, I read the BBC article about you proposed photo shoot for the over 80’s. I’d like to nominate my dad Andrew Currie. He’s 83 and still has 2 volunteer jobs. His first on is as fitness coach to elderly dementia sufferers at the local daycare centre. And his second (also at the same centre) is working with the Sporting Memories group helping people recall long forgotten memories from their past. Before starting on this section of his life, he was mum’s full time carer. She was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2014, and he was there every step of the way. She passed away in Nov 2018 and to keep himself busy he took on these activities. He loves growing his veggies (if he can’t eat it he don’t grow it) in his back garden.

    • Hi Andrea,

      Many thanks for your message. I’m currently reading through all messages and will be in touch with everyone when I’m in a position to proceed further with the project.

      Best wishes, Laura

  2. are you still looking for people over 80 who still have high ambitions? I am 89 and looking to go to swimming championships when the virus has been avoided…

  3. Hi Laura, Although I am a very young 76 year old I am the Secretary and PR feller for an Association of retired Royal Navy Sailors who
    attended the training establishment HMS ST VINCENT in Gosport, Hants. We all joined the RN aged 15 and were titled Boy Seaman. The establishment closed in 1966 and our Association was formed in 1996. All of our members are over 70 and many over 80. We have a reunion annually in Portsmouth in October and it may present a photographic opportunity for you, or alternatively I could forward some photos of the over 80s.

    • Hi Allen,

      Many thanks for your message. It would be great to hear a bit more / see photographs of some of your over 80 members. Could you please email to Thanks.

      I’m currently reading through all messages and will be in touch with everyone when I’m in a position to plan further ahead.

      Best wishes, Laura

  4. Hi Laura

    I believe I have a super nominee for your extraordinary people project, are you still looking ?

    Many thanks

  5. Laura
    I have read about your proposed project wrt over 80’s and would like to be considered.
    I was born in September 1938 and was a child during WWII.
    Raised in a working class family, I started work @ 16 as an apprentice fitter & turner and ended my career as Managing Director of a Group, Building Services Company.
    Widowed in 2012, after 51 married years, I met my current wife in Prague on a singles holiday and after an initial email 2 month courtship, followed by a time travelling between Hayling Island, where I live and South Wales, where Ruth lived,we were married in June 2018.
    Prior to The Lockdown, I played Real Tennis four times a week at a local Raquets Club.
    Interests are,Real Tennis, travel, reading, WWII aircraft and currently, assisting my wife remodel parts of our garden.
    Having had a minor heart operation in 2017, I am now relatively fit and active and looking forward to resume tennis eventually.
    I believe 80 is the new 60 and have many friends of similar vintage who are equally active.
    I hope my tale proves of interest to you and hope to hear from you at an appropriate time.
    Best of luck with your project which I support wholeheartedly.
    Michael Cole

    :Phone; 02392469848
    :Mobile; 07757337898

    • Hi Michael, Many thanks for telling me a bit about your fascinating life. Great to hear.

      I’m delighted to say I’ve had hundreds of responses from this project so I’m going to enjoy reading through them all and then will be back in touch with people.


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