Laura designs and runs photography workshops with community groups and individuals and has worked managing all aspects of creative community projects in the past.  She specialises in working with people who are disadvantaged or marginalised in society.

Next Capture Sheffield course:

25th and 26thSeptember 2021

Past work has included:

Community Foundation Studies / Sheffield College – devising and facilitating a variety of creative workshops around basic skills literacy and confidence building for “hard to reach” 16-19-year-olds.
The Challenge Network – devising, facilitating and training practitioners to run cross-generational photography workshops – working with different communities including young people, older people, people with learning disabilities and homeless people.
Ignite Imaginations – facilitating photography workshops with different groups including small village communities, mental health groups, people with learning disabilities, young people, older people, LGBT groups working at festivals, schools, colleges, parks, city streets, village greens and many communities.
Peace in the Park – running the Kids Field.
Out/Side/Film – project managing and facilitating workshops and events with members of the older Irish community.

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