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  1. Hello Laura,
    I saw some of your photographs you took of people at the site. I knew some of those people and I was impressed by your honesty and sensitivity.
    I see that you are wanting to photograph exceptional people in their 80’s. I wanted to suggest my mum.
    She’s 87 and lives on the Isle of dogs in London. In a top floor council flat with no lift. With Canary wharf as her backdrop. Big business are wanting to sell off the flats and build expensive luxury apartments for those who can! The flats are right on theThames.She is part of a tenants association trying to prevent this.
    Despite suffering from Arthritis she does her own shopping carrying it up the stairs. She has no washing machine and does it all by hand.
    She’s wildly independent, socially aware, bright, intelligent, smart, slim and attractive. In short a tough old bird!

    She was evacuated on her own for most of the war. Had to leave school at 14. But in her 50’s she went to university and got a degree. She’s had more than her fair share of tragedy including losing both of her sons.
    During the Coronavirus pandemic she makes sure she goes up and down the stairs daily as she knows if she doesn’t keep this up she will become housebound. She fell over in the street one day and broke her nose and knocked out her 2 front teeth and was still able to laugh about it.
    Maybe you want to consider her.

  2. Laura – read about your interesting project in a BBC article and many congratulations on being chosen for the Rebecca Vassie Memorial Award. It reminded me of Imogen Cunningham’s project called ‘After Ninety’ that was published in the late 70s ( If you’re not already familiar with it, check it out. It is so important to combat ageism and present ageing as a positive life experience. I look forward to seeing your project come together!

    • Hi Kathryn, Thanks so much. I hadn’t seen this before and will order the book. Best wishes and stay well. Laura

  3. Thank you for the lovely photo and information belonging to Irene Hancock that was such a beautiful piece to read especially at this time and I wish you and she a very happy year ahead.

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