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  1. Hello Laura

    I heard you were looking for extraordinary over 80s and would like to eintroduce my dad. The owl on his school cap sparked a life long collection and he now has over 7000 – each one numbered and documented by a hand drawn picture. A true eccentric he lives with his parliament of owls in Scotland. As an ex university librarian, he tells me there are not enough hours left for all the books he still wants to read. Retirement was an excuse for him to write local history books, indulge his grand piano which he plays daily and expand his speakers career on his owls and local history. An extraordinary man with a sharp wit and insatiable curiosity – I hope you get a chance to pop in for a cuppa and a story!

  2. I hear you are looking for remarkable people who are 80+. I am a member of Townswomen’s Guild which is one of the leading women’s organisations in the UK and has recently celebrated it’s 90th anniversary. There are a range of ages in the TG but a proportion of the ladies have been members for many years, have done remarkable things and are 80+.
    Is there possibly an advert or written request that could be put on the TG website the-TG.com and Facebook page to encourage 80+ volunteers the take part? Kind Regards, Karen Moore

  3. I would like to put forward my mum for your extraordinary over 80s project. She is a church warden and decorated the church with stunning flower displays. She is a member of big fish an arts and music group and makes costumes for members she also created the VE day display for the cottage museum on the Isle of sheppy. She also created craft items and painting which she sells to raise funds for the church and museum. please contact me (her son) if you would like to follow up.
    good luck with your project photography is my passion too.
    kind regards
    Neil Baker

    • Hi Neil, Many thanks for letting me know about your mum. I’ll be in touch with everyone once I’ve read through all the messages. Best, Laura

  4. Hi Laura

    I hear you are looking for remarkable people over 80 to photograph. My mother, who was blinded when she was 6 when their boiler blew up at home, is now in her late 80s and is wrestling with Alzheimer’s as well as being totally blind. She is, and always has been totally positive and upbeat encouraging everyone when she chats with them despite life becoming very hard to navigate. In lockdown the world around her she explores may be shrinking but she will never give up and will always be kind.

    • Hi Alex, Many thanks for letting me know about your mother. I’ll be in touch with everyone once I’ve read through all the messages. Best, Laura

  5. Hi Laura I was compelled to email you you regarding my mother who who I think is definitely in the category of remarkable. She came over from Ireland in the 1950s and the racism she underwent was profound. I remember her being called Paddy when she worked as a waitress and she just took it on the chin. Irish people in those days, as many immigrants today, were validated through working extremely hard and my mother who is now 86 still works today. She has jet black hair and although she has a wonderfully wrinkled face she could easily pass for 70. She’s vibrant, argumentative, intelligent, a voracious reader of history and autobiographies weekly. Ultimately, she’s a rabid Irish woman and proud of it.

    • Hi Elaine, Many thanks for telling me about your mother. I’ll be in touch with everyone once I’ve read through all the messages. Best, Laura

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