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158 thoughts on “Home

  1. Just seen your photos on the BBC site – just love the detail and delight of each of these awesome people who you have depicted in your photography. Each photo really does tell a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing your gift x

  2. Deal Laura,

    The way you managed to capture in one single shot the extra/ordinary lives packed with stories of the people who are part of that photography project left me speechless and deeply moved. Many, if not all, elderly people are craving to tell their stories. Witnessing that sparkle in their eyes upon listening how their lives unfolded has always been a source of solace for me. By giving a voice to them in those just as extra/ordinary times we are living through photography, you have shown the power and the strength of those who are the most at risk in this goddamn pandemics. Your project thumbs its nose at the way the elderly’s fate is too often sealed in the medias. You chose to celebrate life and that made all the difference.
    Having lived in Berlin for almost 10 years now, I am constantly reminded in everyday life how the elderly or “people of a certain age” as we would say in French, literally crave for interaction with “younger” people. And each time I have witnessed that happening, or when it happened to me, those slices of lives that are suddenly translated into words just oh so confirm the fact that human beings are social animals! Berlin is a breeding ground for more or deeper digging into the “hidden depths” you managed to reveal through the lens. Feel free to give me a shout if a trip to Berlin may tempt you. And, oh! Please, tell or write Irene Hancock that i just want to hug her so bad will you? Her picture is the last in the BBC series. The last will be first!

    You take care and thank you again:)


  3. The lady Irene brought tears to my eyes. I got back with an ex girlfriend who had 2 children in care. We managed to get them placed back with their mum. Unfortunately she was overwhelmed with having them back from care , I moved out for the time being at the request of the council. 2 weeks later she was in hospital for a overdose. Knowing that they are going to be back in care and hopefully someone who is loving like Irene puts my mind at ease.

  4. Fabulous collection of people, all my age or older ! Wonderful. Great to find someone who celebrates being old and creative with it. Well done!
    I am a retired Christian Minister with a passion for theatre, and making pottery. I spent my working life, alongside my church duties,setting up community potteries where I would show people how to enjoy make their own pots, including a hospice day centre, and acting in or producing plays.
    I have enjoyed doing it all. Age is no barrier to the imagination. Congratulations on your project, Laura

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